The return of Straight Shoot!

Blood brothers

Way back in the halcyon days of earlier-this-year, I did a regular, weekly column for the fine folks at called “Straight Shoot.” If you asked those aforementioned fine folks, it was done to capitalize on keywords, search terms and current events in professional wrestling, while helping build a regular audience for – that’s why they paid me to do it.

But between you, me and everyone-else-who-might-stumble-upon-this-post, I really did it because I’ll take any excuse to yammer on and on about wrestling.

To that end, I’ve started a new Tumblr blog called, you guessed it, “Straight Shoot”, which I’m describing as a curated look at wrestling. Basically, it will be a big collection of everything I like about wrestling: Great matches, awesome promos, ridiculous video packages, maybe even some wacky merch. Along with it, for the reading-inclined, I’ll also be rambling on at-a-not-so-oppressive-that-it-cuts-into-my-time-actually-watching-wrestling length about what it is exactly that I find so great about the post. I’m going to be posting to it as regularly as I can stand, but keep in mind that I have serious comic book and video game habits I’m also trying to feed here.

Go check out “Straight Shoot” now, and make sure to follow it so you know when I post something new, and everyone else knows that I’m not just talking to myself.

Oh, and those gory looking badasses up top? That would be legendary tag team Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody, who also happen to be a couple of things I really like about wrestling.

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