As a writer:

As an editor:

  • The Walking Dead from Image Comics
  • Kick-Ass from Icon and Marvel Comics
  • Invincible from Image Comics
  • The Irredeemable Ant-Man from Marvel Comics
  • Strange Tales from Marvel Comics
  • Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics
  • Punisher War Journal from Marvel Comics
  • Blade from Marvel Comics
  • Marvel Team-Up from Marvel Comics
  • X-Factor from Marvel Comics
  • The Astounding Wolf-Man from Image Comics
  • Halcyon from Collider and Image Comics
  • The Mission from Image Comics
  • I (HEART) Marvel from Marvel Comics
  • Howard the Duck from Marvel Comics
  • Silver Surfer: In Thy Name from Marvel Comics



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  1. the wwe needs major reconstrutive surregy to be great again, first thing end the brand extension, next thing dump ecw also get rid of the wwe scratch logo its been around nearly ten years fire the losers that are always in wwe hardcore holly,scotty 2 hotty,val venis,jim duggan etc etc it makes no sense these people being employed then concentrate on the future

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