WORTH on iFanboy!

It went up last week during post-San Diego Comic Con craziness, but because I’m bad at updating my website, I’m only telling you about it now. Prior to the official announcement at SDCC, I had a chat with the always-awesome Josh Flanagan at iFanboy about the upcoming graphic novel, Worth, from Roddenberry Entertainment and Arcana – drawn by Chris Moreno and written by your pal Shitterson.

In the interview I talk about superheroes, Detroit, Karl Marx, the MC5 and how g-d awesome Chris Moreno is at drawing things well. More importantly, if you scroll down through all my yammering, you even get to see the first five pages of Worth – check them out and tell me I’m wrong about the science Chris is dropping here. TELL ME I’M WRONG.

Interview: Aubrey Sitterson on Worth

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