Skullkickers #18 on sale now!

Any time a new issue of Skullkickers hits the stands is cause for celebration, but today is cause for extra-special-super celebration. Why? Because Skullkickers #18, “Son of Tavern Tales” includes a story written by ME.

Entitled “Dues or DIE!”, Chief Skullkicker himself, Jim Zub, described the story as being “about union rules and special songs,” so it’s pretty much exactly like the second season of The Wire. But it’s actually even BETTER than The Wire because it’s drawn by the incredible Ivan Anaya, with colors by the equally amazing Owen Gieni.

That’s a panel from the story itself up above (with lettering by the aforementioned and multi-talented Jim Zub), but you should check out the entire issue, especially seeing as it contains a murderer’s row of independent comics talent, including: John Layman, Rob Guillory, Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, Blair Butler, Enrique Rivera (of “Living with Edo” “fame”), J. Torres, Alberto Alburquerque, Charles Soule and Michael Mayne.

Wander down to your local comic shop and request, nay, DEMAND a copy. Or just direct your browser over to Comixology and buy your comic book there, as if we were living in some kind of crazy future where all content was made available digitally.

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