SKALD 011: The biggest episode yet!

It’s Thursday, which means that anyone with half a brain is listening to SKALD. Check it out on iTunesStitcherPodomatic or, you know, right up above.

This episode is the longest one yet – a whopping 34 minutes. Typically, I try to keep the length in the sweet spot of 20-30 minutes, as any less seems slight, and more can seem exhausting. But, when the story demands it…I allow myself to run long (or short!). One of the perks of doing all this stuff on my own!

Speaking of which…I do all this stuff on my own! So if you’re enjoying SKALD, consider pledging a buck or two each month via my Patreon campaign!

If you dig SKALD, or want me to come yammer about it, fantasy, roleplaying games, metal, science-fiction, or pretty much anything else…shoot me an email! And make sure to come bathe me in compliments on Twitter!

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