Chit-chatting with Ryback


Another in the series of “Aubrey talks awkwardly with men much larger, stronger and all around better than him,” I recently had the opportunity to interview none other than Ryback about his inclusion in the newest downloadable content pack for WWE ’13. Talk mostly centers around Ryback’s rating in the game (87) and how that stacks up against other WWE Superstars, but the Big Hungry also clues us in to his favorite WWE Games as a young Ryback.

Watch it now why don’t you?

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  1. hey ryback i love u u r the sexiest guy on the wwe u r so cool i love when u say feed me more! feed me more! feed me more! and then u say wake up i also love how u enter the ring i thing it’s really sexy so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz wright me back

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