WrestleMania 28 Poll-o-Mania – You pick the winners

WrestleMania XXVIII has a really phenomenal card. Rock vs. Cena, Triple H vs. Undertaker, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus – no matter what type of wrestling fan you are, the show has something to make you happy. But even outside all the great talent on display, what makes this event truly great is that outside the fact that Taker will almost certainly maintain his streak and Maria Menounos will be victorious, broken ribs or no, most of the matches on the card could go either way.

If you want to give your picks for the biggest wrestling event of the year, head over to GuySpeed now, where you can take part in the inauguralWrestleMania Poll-o-Mania event. You’ll get the chance to sound off on the winners, as well as answer some secondary questions, including how many times you think new WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons will say “DAMN!” throughout the night.

WrestleMania Poll-o-Mania

One response to “WrestleMania 28 Poll-o-Mania – You pick the winners

  1. Come on, there is only one logical oeponpnt for undertaker at this time.I want 3 epic wrestle-manias in a row, and so the Undertaker has to face Masked Kane!We never got a good ending to the Undertaker & Kane 2010 segment, so this would be the most logical thing to do in my opinion.Also, it would be the best thing, as IF the Undertaker has to lose (which I nope not), the person I would most want to see end it besides HBK, is the old Masked Kane.

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