STRAIGHT SHOOT Raw recap 1/27/14 with Brandon Stroud!

Why is WWE pay-per-view time the best time of the month? Because it means brand-new episodes of STRAIGHT SHOOT two nights in a row! Just 24 hours after I’m joined by Alex Fernandez (aka SmallzYT), the one-and-only Brandon Stroud will be coming on to talk Raw!

You might know Brando from his well-regarded and long-running “Best & Worst of Raw” columns over at UpRoxx’s WithLeather site. He’s a smart, opinionated, outspoken dude – albeit one with some different opinions than myself – so I’m super excited that he’s agreed to come on the show.

How many ways are there to enjoy STRAIGHT SHOOT? Four, dog. Four.

As always, I’m doing this show for YOU, and what keeps me going are likes, comments, shares and iTunes reviews, so hook a brother up, huh?

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