John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin interviews!

Recently, the fine folks at Ringside Collectibles sent me to Las Vegas to attend the WWE Network announcement event. The announcement itself was amazing ($9.99/month for all pay-per-views, new content and archived pay-per-views!), as was the event surrounding it (DX reunion, top Superstars, sneak peeks at new Network shows, etc.), and WWE was even kind enough to give us complimentary Google Chromecast devices!

But afterward, I got the opportunity to do a couple quick interviews with two of the biggest, most popular Superstars of all time: Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena.

The Austin interview is embedded above, and in case you’re wondering what the deal is with him asking me “How are you?” well…watch this video and you’ll get it. Me and the Texas Rattlesnake have history, but thankfully, he was nice this time out.

Check out the Cena interview below…

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