STRAIGHT SHOOT Raw Recap 1/20/14 with Cory Ledesma

This Monday, my guest on STRAIGHT SHOOT is a guy I’ve been wanting to have on back when the idea for STRAIGHT SHOOT was just a glimmer in my eye: My old warbuddy Cory Ledesma!

For those who don’t know, Cory is a video game industry veteran, with years of experience working on some of your favorite titles. More importantly for our purposes though, Cory is also a humongous wrestling mark, and has agreed to come on and chat about Raw with me. It’s basically what we used to do every Tuesday morning, except I’ll probably be about three beers in.

Make sure to submit questions about WWE, Raw, the Royal Rumble, wrestling at large and Cory’s grueling exercise regimen!

Three is the magic number, and also the amount of ways to watch:

  • Right here, on this very page, live or after-the-fact, through the embedded YouTube video right up above
  • Over at the official Google Hangout event page, where you can watch live and even ask questions for me and my special guest.
  • On my official YouTube channel, where you can check out the video after the fact and of course SUBSCRIBE.

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