Short story in Marvel’s Hulk #16!

searching-for-shehulkAs announced on last night’s STRAIGHT SHOOT, featuring my editor at Marvel Comics, Chris Robinson, I have a short story in the upcoming Hulk #16!

The issue drops on May 6, and will be available in comic book stores, as well as digitally through Comixology. Here’s the thing though: If you want a physical copy, you need to go to your local comic shop and ask them to order you one! Or better yet: SIX!

I won’t bore you with historical background on how and why comics distribution works the way it does, but if you want a physical copy, head to your local comic shop by Wednesday, April 15 and ask them to order you one using Diamond code MAR150755.

I’m super excited about this. Not only because the story is drawn by the amazing Rhoald Marcellius and something I’m very proud of, but because of the hope that it will lead to more work at Marvel as well as other comics publishers. If you want to help me out in that respect, please buy a copy and spread the word about how much you LOVED the back-up story!


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