SKALD 003 now available!

From henceforth, Thursdays shall be known as SKALDDAYS! Why? Because there’s a new episode of America’s Podcast, SKALD, now available!

Remember how SKALD 002 was world’s better than SKALD 001? Well, I’m pretty sure that this is the same thing all over again, because I am REALLY happy with SKALD 003. I try some different stuff in the reading of it, continuing to refine my tone, but the most interesting stuff is in the writing.

By the time 001 was released, I’d already written episode 002, so I didn’t have too much of an opportunity to incorporate any new ideas or learnings on how to use this medium. That ain’t the case with 003, and while it’s not anything drastic, I’m still really excited about the tweaks and changes to approach.

As always, you can find SKALD at iTunes and Stitcher, or streaming above and on Podomatic. Wherever you listen though, please remember to leave a review, and just as importantly…tell your friends about the show.

I recognize that this is a weird, unique and very nerdy project, and that it’s going to take a while to find its audience. If that audience is YOU though, please drop me a line!

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