WWE Monday Night Raw Recap – March 12, 2012

Traditionally, the early months of every year are some of the most exciting in WWE, as they see the company gear up for not one, but two of its largest pay-per-view events: Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. This year, however, the momentum and build for the biggest show in the WWE has moved in fits and starts. I’ll readily admit that doing weeklyRawwrite-ups might have me being more critical than normal, but it seems that for every great moment, like a biting Cena promo, there’s an insufferable “Rock Concert” to end the show, dragging it back down.

That said, this week’sMonday Night Raw did have some good moments, and I enjoyed Cena’s return to his circa-2003 gimmick way more than a grown-ass man should. There was a decent Ziggler/Sheamus match, a cool development in the Punk/Jericho match and I’m growing to really enjoy Otunga’s heel work. But the rest of the show really felt like filler as the WWE struggled to keep all its feuds going without introducing any new twists, complications or stakes. Not exactly how I’d build toward the biggest moneymaker of the year.

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WWE Monday Night Raw recap – March 12, 2012

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