STRAIGHT SHOOT (5/19): WWE Raw, Lucha Underground & RETRO

The World’s Smartest Rasslin Talk Show returns to discuss WWE Raw, Lucha Underground & the August 30, 1986 episode of NWA World Championship Wrestling. Watch live on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 6pmPT!

This week’s panelists include Ramon Villalobos, Chris Veuleman & Rob Pasbani. Got questions for The World’s Smartest Rasslin Talk Show™? Submit them here.

Wondering how to watch or check out the show? Check out these swell options:

  • Watch right here, on this very page, live or after-the-fact, through the embedded YouTube video above
  • Head to the the official Google Hangout event page, where you can watch live and even submit questions for me and my special guests.
  • Check out my official YouTube channel, where you can check out the video after the fact and of course SUBSCRIBE.
  • Or listen to the show a  few hours after the fact, via audio-only podcast versions embedded above or streamable on iTunesStitcher and PodOmatic.

STRAIGHT SHOOT is completely DIY and fan-funded. So if you want it to continue going strong…you need to support it. It’s just that simple. Here are some super easy ways to do just that:

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