kingmaulcoverStarting on October 28, 2013, I’m going to be writing, drawing, coloring and lettering an ongoing webcomic called KING MAUL. It’s a barbarian fantasy story that I’m writing with only the roughest outline in place – a creative outlet that’s totally separate from any of my WWE 2K stuff or any other projects I’m working on.

The intent is really just to create something on my own, posting it publicly so I’m visibly accountable if I flake out on it. If people end up liking it? Well, that’s just a really awesome bonus.

On October 28, 2013, at 10amPT, I’ll be posting the first five pages of the story – a hefty chunk to hopefully help get people interested in the story and character. After that, I’m going to post a brand new page every single Monday until my body breaks down and I can’t physically do it anymore.

Go ahead and set your bookmarks to!

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