WWE ’13 Roster Reveal No. 1

As you might have noticed, there haven’t been any Raw recaps, SmackDown previews or pay-per-view write-ups from me for a few weeks running now. That’s because I’ve taken on an exciting new position at THQ as the Community Manager for their WWE Games franchise. Wrestling and video games – what’s not to love?

While I won’t be writing up any shows for the foreseeable future, I’ll still be talking incessantly about wrestling on Twitter, so make sure you come follow me there. Even better, I’ll be creating all sorts of content and features tying into the new WWE ’13 video game between now and the game’s October 30 release and linking the best bits of it up here for your enjoyment. Speaking of which…

The first announced members of the WWE ’13 roster! Attitude Era Deadman up there is one of them, but make sure you click through to see full Superstar portraits of the other seven, and stay tuned for more deetz!

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