maul feat

Last year, I briefly wrote and drew a webcomic called KING MAUL. While I loved the story and the character, the fact of the matter is that I’m not only terrible at drawing, but I’m also super-super-slow, and as a result, had to take a step back from it. Enter The Mighty Zak Kinsella!

Zak is a tremendous artist – just look at that piece at the top of the page – and obviously, way, way, way better than I’ll ever be, so I’m super thrilled to have him as a collaborator on this project. The whole thing kicks off this Monday, August 18, when we’ll go live with a healthy handful of pages to make sure your appetite is properly whetted. Then, we’ll update every Monday and Thursday moving forward, with a brand-new page for your reading enjoyment.

If you only know me from my wrestling yammering, I hope you’ll give KING MAUL a shot. It’s violent, fun and funny, and naturally, we’ll get some wrestling action in there before too long…

Check out the KING MAUL site!

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