Talking Worth on War Rocket Ajax

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I recently appeared on the world’s most destructive comics and pop-culture podcast, War Rocket Ajax. Over the course of the episode – entitled “The Rad Box,” presumably because I say “Rad” every fourth of fifth word – I chatted with hosts Chris Sims and Matt Wilson about the Wu Tang Clan, 90s Robin comics, tattoo choices (good and bad), early Detroit proto-punk, what I’d do with a time machine and more.

But in the midst of all that pop-culture detritus and opining, the most important part of the interview was discussion of Chris Moreno and I’s upcoming graphic novel, Worth.

Well, that and the fact that I got to correct Sims on saying Lothlorien when he meant Rivendell. When I agreed to be on the show, I didn’t realize it was amateur week.

Even though Sims can’t tell the difference between a Took and a Brandybuck, and has probably NEVER read the Silmarillion, go listen to the podcast anyway.

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