STRAIGHT SHOOT welcomes former WWE Creative Team member, Andrew Goldstein!

It’s a BIG week for STRAIGHT SHOOT, as one day after WWE 2K’s Bryan Williams joins us, we welcome Andrew Goldstein to our post-Raw show on February 24, 2013!

Andrew is a super-exciting guest, because in addition to being an entertaining tweeter and lifelong wrestling fan, he’s also a former member of the WWE Creative Team. These days he’s a writer/producer at VH1 but keeps involved with the squared circle by way of his Goldstein on Rasslin’ column at

As soon as Raw ends on February 24, Andrew will join me on STRAIGHT SHOOT to talk about the show, Elimination Chamber fallout, the launch of the WWE Network and our brand-new game, PUSH-REPACKAGE-FIRE. If you want to RSVP, submit a question or make a PRF suggestion, hit up the Google+ event page.

Four fantastic ways to enjoy:

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