It would be impossible for me to thank everyone that’s helped me out since starting STRAIGHT SHOOT back in late 2013. The wrestlers that inspired me, the wrestlers who appeared on the show, my countless other amazing guests, people who have RT’ed and shared my videos, folks who gave me a kind, encouraging word on a rough day…there are simply too many names to list.

That said, this list is a small sample of the people I owe thanks to – it’s an assemblage of the people who have contributed financially to STRAIGHT SHOOT’s success, pledging at least $3 a month over on the show’s Patreon page. If you’re interested in getting your name added to the list, picking up some other amazing rewards or just helping to ensure that The World’s Smartest Rasslin Talk Show can keep going strong…head over to the Patreon page today.

Aaron Roberts
Adam Barlow
Adam Grainger
Adam Knight
Adam Walker
Alan Denkenson
Alex Blaksley
Alex Mullen
Andrew Bell
Andrew McKenna
Andrew Williams
Anthony O’Reilly
Armando Olivas
Autobot Counterpart
Barrydean Chen
Ben Weiner
Ben Wightman
Benjamin Baker
Benjamin Baker
Brad Sheppard
Brandon Talbot
Brendan Ketcham
Brendan Schneider
Brett Gray
Brett Payne
Brian Evenson
Brock Devlin
Bruce Crow
Bruce Hodell
Bryan Quinby
Caleb Arbaugh
Caleb Scales
Caleb Smith
Callum Walters
Cameron Ogle
Carlos Guzman
Carmen Barone
Casey Blount
Chad Tallon
Chandler Glen
Charles Hawkins
Charles Shaw
Chris Curto
Chris Damasceno
Chris Edgerton
Chris Hansbrought
Chris Hopper
Chris Lejarzar
Chris Veuleman
Christian Laursen
Christopher Garay
Colin Hill
Conor Burnett
Curtis Higgs
Daniel Pack
Danny Bautista
David Kopetsky
David Searcy
David Sorrells
Dean Kerr
Dominic Moschitti
Duncan Parker Newton-Gaines
Dustin Spencer
Dylan Roth
Elliot Imes
Eric Gielow
Eric Newfeld
Frankie Gavin
Frederik Zaar Fabaek Kjaer
Gabe Luna
Gabriel Garcia
George Miller
George O’Connor
Grady Savoie
Griffin Laking
Hadji Quest
Headlock On Wrestling
Henry Casey
Henry Eggleston
Henry Fields
Hilary Goodrich
Ian M. Santos
Ivan Irizarry
J.D. Smith
Jack Maslo
Jacob Bredberg
Jacob Field
James Le Blanc
James M. Fowle
Jared Gaines
Jason Hampton
Jason Stoberl
Javier Jaquez
Jay Deierlein
Jay Ferguson
Jay Reavis
Jeff Lang
Jeffrey S. Brown II
Jeremy Ponn
Jeromme Graham
Jim Britt
Joe Nelson
Joe Villella
John Bender
John Hosey
John Sugrue
Johnny Landmine
Jonathan Gallo
Jonathan McDonald
Jonathan Snowden
Jonathan Spradling
Jordan Olsen
Joshua Knippa
Julian Luciani
Julio Rodriguez
Justin Day
Justin Morales
K.A. Serino
Kasey Lingley
Keith L Spurgeon
Keith Robinson
Kelly Lopez
Kevin Green
Kevin LC
Kevin Naeyaert
Kris Laufer
Kristian Jackson
Lance Cacho
LeKeith Lewis
Liam McCann
Marco Herrera
Mario Alvarez
Marty Allen
Matt Colvin
Matt Connolly
Matt Dombrowsky
Matt Masdeu
Matthew Bonani-Clarke
Matthew James
Matthew Margallo
Matthew Mastromauro
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Richards
Matthew Riggs
Max Greer
Max Master
Michael Baish
Michael Baish
Michael Callahan
Michael Caniga
Michael Pittman
Mike Norton
Mike Reed
Mike Tag
MMA Curmudgeons
Morgan White
Nathan Osborne
Nic Logue
Nicholas Carter
Noe Cruz
Olivia Rodriguez
Onslaught Six
Pander Marian
Patrick Celli
Ramon Villalobos
Reilly Hadden
Rob Hodgkinson
Robert Caron
Robert Peck
Rose Kyaw Maung
Rusty Richardson
Ryan Dombrowsky
Ryan Ferrier
Ryne Faber
Sam Valentine
Sam Verrill
Scott Delahunt
Scott Iskow
Sean Hayes
Shaun Abraham
Shawn Kittelsen
Slavik Onishchenko
Sonny Garcia
Spencer Hennessy
Stephen Annelli
Steve Schroeder
Storme Smith
Street Fight Radio
T.J. Denzer
Tanner Johnson
The Productive Leisure Network
Tin Nguyen
TJ Crouch
Tom Nemcek
Tom Weinrich
Tristan Tower
Tylar Montgomery LeBlanc
Tyler Russell
Tyler Work
Tyrone Shine
Vito Selvaggi
Wallace Delery
Wesley Donaldson
Will Steakin
Wim Van den Eynden
Zachary T Blackburn
Zack Zoda
Zackery Chapman