After a week off for WWE Survivor Series 2014, we here at The World’s Smartest Rasslin Talk Show are ready to dive back into our curated look at the last 30 years of wrestling history. Join us this Wednesday, November 26 at 6pmET as we discuss WCW WrestleWar 1990: Wild Thing!

As always, Jeff Schiller and I bring the historical background, the who’s who and copious amounts of jokes, so all you need to do is watch Royal Rumble 1990 on the WWE Network before Wednesday, then RSVP on the official event page.

Ways to watch/listen are below. Scroll down for more information on WrestleWar 1990!

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One of the most interesting metastories we’ve uncovered doing STRAIGHT SHOOT RETRO, is the fact that despite having way better wrestling that has a lot in common with 2014 WWE, WCW just couldn’t get a leg up on their competitors up north during the late 80s and early 90s. This pay-per-view continues that trend, as it features established NWA stars like Ric Flair, the Road Warriors, the Rock n Roll Express and the Midnight Express, as well as up-and-coming talent such as Lex Luger, Brian Pillman, the Steiners and Cactus Jack, perhaps better known by his real name, Mick Foley.

Check out the full match card (with spoiler removed, natch) for the first WCW pay-per-view of the 1990s:

  • Dynamic Dudes vs. Kevin Sullivan & Buzz Sawyer
  • Norman the Lunatic vs. Cactus Jack
  • The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express
  • The Road Warriors vs. The Skyscrapers in a Chicago Street Fight
  • Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk vs. The Freebirds
  • Steiner Brothers vs. the Andersons
  • Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger

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