STRAIGHT SHOOT Night of Champions results with Max Landis!

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There are certain guests that never fail to pop the STRAIGHT SHOOT territory, brother, and one them is, without a doubt, one Mr. Max Landis. So, it’s with great pleasure that I announced that Max is coming back to STRAIGHT SHOOT immediately after WWE Night of Champions on September 21, 2014!

Max Landis is best known for his work as a screenwriter, having penned the 2012 worked shoot superhero film Chronicle, the upcoming Victor Frankenstein and American Ultra, and is currently worked as the Executive Producer on a television series based on Douglas Adams’ (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) Dirk Gently character. Perhaps most importantly, however, Max is a humongous wrestling fan – it says it right there on his Wikipedia page!

I know I’m already looking forward to this Sunday, so make sure to RSVP and get your questions in!

How do you watch or listen? I’m so glad you asked!

  • Right here, on this very page, live or after-the-fact, through the embedded YouTube video right up above
  • Over at the official Google Hangout event page, where you can watch live and even ask questions for me and my special guest.
  • On my official YouTube channel, where you can check out the video after the fact and of course SUBSCRIBE.
  • A few hours after the fact, via audio-only podcast versions of the show embedded above or on iTunesStitcher and PodOmatic.

STRAIGHT SHOOT is an independent show and podcast – we aren’t part of any network, organization or evil conglomerate. That means that we need YOUR help to keep the show going strong. Here’s a bunch of ways you can lend us a hand:

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  1. Great cast once again. I just wanted to add a thought about what might be a nice pop booking for a future PPV. Rusev’s streak ends at a open challenge PPV after he has taken the US title. Since he has taken out the “American” stars, the crowd gets hyped but Lana just keeps mocking America. Lesnar’s music hits. Brock Lesnar comes out and destroys him after a super power match. Brock takes the title and they push it from him being the real super athlete.

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