Roderick Strong & Shayna Baszler talk Fastlane on STRAIGHT SHOOT

Since late 2014, there’s been one question wracking the minds of The World’s Smartest Rasslin Fans…Who’s a bigger STRAIGHT SHOOT draw: Shayna Baszler or Roderick Strong? The answer of course is…WHO CARES, because they’re both coming back to The World’s Smartest Rasslin Show immediately after WWE Fastlane on February 22, 2015!

Roderick Strong is, of course, your PWG World Champion, and a standout member of the Ring of Honor roster. His tag team partner on the post-Fastlane STRAIGHT SHOOT panel is Shayna Baszler, the MMA fighter, Four Horsewomen member and catch wrestling practitioner.

These are two of my all-time favorite guests to have on the show, so expect a good one. RSVP and start submitting your questions now!

How do you watch or listen? I’m so glad you asked!

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