STRAIGHT SHOOT: This Week in Wrestling pilot

If you watched this week’s post-Raw STRAIGHT SHOOT with Alex Levine, you already know that there won’t be a post-Raw STRAIGHT SHOOT next week. But instead of leaving you hanging, with no intelligent wrestling talk to help you get through your week, I’m going to try something new: STRAIGHT SHOOT: This Week in Wrestling!

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, at 8pmET, I’ll be joined by three esteemed panelists: Dustin Spencer, Heather Jeannine & Matthew Timmons, and we’ll discuss the week in wrestling with a much broader focus than what you normally see on STRAIGHT SHOOT. We’ll definitely talk about Raw highlights, but we’ll also discuss Ring of Honor, NJPW and possibly NXT or anything else that comes to mind.

The intent of this show is to give us an opportunity to chitchat about the wrestling landscape as a whole, covering some promotions that folks maybe don’t follow as closely, possibly exposing you to something new you might check out: A match, a promo, a wrestler, whatever.

Don’t come into this show thinking that you need to do a bunch of homework. We will be discussing spoilers, so be aware of that, but the intent is really to help you out, giving you the rundown on what’s happening in wrestling without you having to watch ALL of these shows every week.

This is something new, but it’s an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for quite some time now. Right now, it’s just a one-off to see if it works and how people like it. But, if the reception is really good, I’ll definitely consider doing more in the future, or possibly adding it in as a Patreon goal. If you dig the show and you’d like to see more, PLEASE make sure to help spread the word and let me know if you enjoyed it.

Your RSVPs help get the show seen by more people, and your questions help make the show more fun, so make sure to do all that stuff!

How do you watch or listen? I’m so glad you asked!

  • Right here, on this very page, live or after-the-fact, through the embedded YouTube video right up above
  • Over at the official Google Hangout event page, where you can watch live and even ask questions for me and my special guest.
  • On my official YouTube channel, where you can check out the video after the fact and of course SUBSCRIBE.
  • A few hours after the fact, via audio-only podcast versions of the show embedded above or on iTunesStitcher and PodOmatic.

STRAIGHT SHOOT is an independent show and podcast – we aren’t part of any network, organization or evil conglomerate. That means that we need YOUR help to keep the show going strong. Here’s a bunch of ways you can lend us a hand:

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