STRAIGHT SHOOT: Tommaso Ciampa & Brennan Williams talk Raw 3/9

Yes, all of my STRAIGHT SHOOT guests are my favorites, but seriously, next week, I welcome back two of my serious favorites. Seriously. Watch immediately after Raw on March 9, 2015 as Tommaso Ciampa & Brennan Williams return to talk about the show!

Tommaso Ciampa is a stand-out wrestling talent, best known for his work in Ring of Honor and PWG. If you don’t know his name, clear your calendar for the rest of the day and get your ass to YouTube. The last time we talked to Brennan Williams, he was still an NFL ronin, a football player with no master. That ain’t the case anymore though, as he was recently signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Come watch him before he gets too famous to yammer about wrestling with me anymore!

These two have been on some of my favorite shows of recent months, so I’m really excited to have them on at the same time. Do me a favor though…RSVP and start submitting those questions now!

How do you watch or listen? I’m so glad you asked!

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