SKALD thank yous

There are a lot of people to thank when it comes to SKALD. There are the amazing authors whose influence is all over The Only Story That Matters, the heavy, sludgy bands and musicians that I blare while I write each episode, the people who have encouraged me in this bonkers, weird project and many, many more.

It wouldn’t be possible to thank everyone who has had an impact on SKALD, but what is possible is to thank some of the people who have supported the show financially, ensuring that it can continue going and growing. Below are the fine, generous folks who have contributed at least $3 to the SKALD Patreon page.

If you want your name added to this list, want some of the other amazing rewards I offer or just want to help contribute to The Only Story That Matters, head over to the SKALD Patreon page today.

Adam Deso
Alex P. Plummer
Andrew Hicks
Andy Johnson
Brice Pullan
Charles Tang
Chris Bauso
Chris Hansbrough
Craig Brennan
Daniel Daughhetee
Evan Brower
Evan Stone
Gail Edwards
Jacob Perreault
Joseph Dukes
Joseph Rivera
Julio Rodriguez
Kevin Walsh
Logan McConnell
Mark Dargon
Matt Kennedy
Matthew J. Whittaker
Rachel N. Johnson
Robert Bibee
Taylor Dierks
The Writer’s Beard
Timothy Matt Scully