SKALD 056: Conjure, suffer & rise

“The proctor’s eyes glazed over, his mouth agape…”

SKALD is The Only Story That Matters™, and its senses-shattering 56th episode is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podomatic and streaming above.

Chances are you’re already a fan of The Only Story That Matters, but right now, right this very second, you have an opportunity to become more than just a simple fan. You can become a SKALD patron. That’s right, just like the jarls of old that would financially support the skalds that entertained them in their courts, now you can contribute directly to the production of this free, weekly, sword & sorcery epic. All you need to do is go to the SKALD Patreon page and sign up today.

And if you want more SKALD, if you want to actually read these words that I speak to you for yourself, combing through them for additional, hidden, secret meaning…you can always pick up Vol I: The One True King of Men, Vol II: By Blood & by Fire and Vol III: Broken World, available exclusively on Amazon.

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