SKALD 041: Build, rise & fall

“He had done exactly as they commanded. Done exactly as they wanted him to do…”

SKALD 041 – the best episode yet – is now available on iTunes, Stitcher & Podomatic.

If you enjoy the show. If you enjoy the level of time, effort and craft that goes into writing, performing, producing and promoting, this free, weekly, 30+ minute podcast, please consider showing your support monetarily via the SKALD Patreon. One dollar a month for more than two hours of content? That, my friends, is an amazing deal.

SKALD is meant to be heard, not read, but if you want to check out the prose version of The Only Story That Matters™, you can do so on Amazon, with Vol I: The One True King of Men and Vol II: By Blood & by Fire.

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