SKALD 034: Devour, run & laugh

It’s Tuesday, so you know there’s a brand-new episode of SKALD waiting for you on iTunes, Stitcher & Podomatic. But that’s not the only big SKALD release this week…

That’s right: SKALD Vol II: By Blood & by Fire is now available on Amazon for only $2.99! The ebook collects the prose versions of episodes 017 through 032, meaning that when combined with SKALD Vol I: The One True King of Men (also just $2.99), it’s the perfect way to get caught up on The Only Story That Matters™.

Whether you buy the book or not though, please do me this one, massive favor: Leave a review for SKALD Vol II on Amazon.There is such a massive glut of self-published work on Amazon that the only way for something like SKALD to shine through is through good reviews. Reviews tied to accounts that have purchased the book are best, of course, but if you’ve been listening to the podcast, you know the story and are more than capable of writing a good review.

And of course, if you dig SKALD – the podcast, the ebook or both – please tell all your friends, in real life, online, wherever. Social media word of mouth is the best way for the show to grow at this point.

And if you really dig SKALD? You might consider tossing a bucks toward the show over on Patreon.

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