SKALD 032: Fur, fear & blinding light

“Maul gaped at Xylun, but the only thing that stared back was the leer of a cackling carrion beast, a fur-covered scavenger.”

Calm your panicked nerves, steady your shaking hands, set your jaw and prepare yourself…SKALD 032 awaits you on iTunes, Stitcher, Podomatic, or streaming above.

Episode 032 is the final chapter of what will become SKALD second scintillating volume. The ebook will be made available in just a few short weeks, but in the meantime, the first volume is still available for only $2.99.

And if you want to keep going at this breakneck pace, putting out a new episode every week, and three ebook volumes every year, please…consider showing your support monetarily on the SKALD Patreon. I put a lot of hard work into the show, and I think that it’s worth at least a few bucks a month. I hope you agree.

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