SKALD 031: Singe, skulk & sneer

“They had made excellent time. Astounding time. Through that brief four hour day, in the dim light of that insufficient sun…”

SKALD 031 crouches, muscles tensed, teeth clenched, chest heaving, awaiting you on iTunes, Stitcher, Podomatic or streaming above.

As you might have seen me crowing about on social media, I had to up SKALD’s bandwidth ceiling once again. I was hoping I could make it to the end of the cycle, but it was clear that if I didn’t upgrade, no one would be able to download this week’s episode. That, to me, was unacceptable, so I bit the bullet and threw down some more ducats to keep things moving.

So, if you’re digging SKALD, if you’re thankful that I’m shelling out the cash to make sure you can get your sword & sorcery fix today…please consider pledging a small monthly donation on the SKALD Patreon.

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