SKALD 030: Sword & sorcery the way the dark gods intended

SKALD 030 is now, finally available. Listen to it on iTunes, StitcherPodomatic or streaming above.

Why “finally?” Not because it’s late – far from it. In fact, SKALD 030 is actually a day early! That’s right, instead of Wednesday mornings, new episodes of SKALD are now available, waiting for you, weapons drawn and teeth bared, on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the new SKALD-days. Get used to it.

More and more people are downloading more and more episodes of The Only Story That Matters™, which is great. But, it means that I’m already creeping up on my bandwidth limit – and that’s with the recent increase that I just put through a couple weeks ago! Please: If you dig SKALD, if you want me to be able to afford doing it once a week, contribute to the SKALD Patreon.


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