SKALD 027…Now!

It’s a comic book you don’t have to wait a month for. It’s a book you can enjoy while you’re driving. It’s a movie that you can finish in less than 40 minutes. It’s psychotic, violent sword & sorcery. It’s SKALD. And you should listen to episode 027. Right now. On iTunes, Stitcher, Podomatic or streaming above.

If you dig this episode, I hope you’ll go back and listen to the previous ones – I’m pretty proud of them all. Or, perhaps you’ll pick up the ebook, SKALD Vol. I: The One True King of Men on Amazon for only $2.99. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll do both. Hell, who am I kidding? GO DO BOTH.

SKALD is completely DIY and listener supported, so if you want this crazy thing to keep going, I need your support. Pay for the content you enjoy by pledging a small monthly donation to the show over at the SKALD Patreon.

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