Hail, hail, spit & drool! It’s SKALD 025!

SKALD comes out every week. It’s totally free. There are now 25 episodes to thrill to. Listen to SKALD 025 on iTunes, Stitcher or Podomatic.

SKALD is my ongoing sword & sorcery serial. It’s brutal, weird, violent and psychedelic. If you like Conan, Elric, Joe Abercrombie, heavy metal, Lovecraft or anything else brutal, weird, violent and psychedelic, it’s totally up your alley. Get in there.

The first prose volume of SKALD, The One True King of Men, is still available for only $2.99 on Amazon. Even if you don’t buy it (Really!? It’s only $2.99!), please do take a minute and leave a review – that’s how we’re going to continue to spread the good word of The Only Story That Matters™!

And if you REALLY love SKALD, help me keep it going by pledging your support on the SKALD Patreon.

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