SKALD 022: Small batch, artisanal, locally sourced, sword & sorcery brutality

You can’t stop SKALD. Why would you want to!? It’s a 2015 Parsec Award finalist after all! So go ahead and give in – you know you want to – listen to SKALD 022 on iTunes, Stitcher or Podomatic. Hell, listen to it on all three!

And if that’s not enough sword & sorcery madness for you, or you just want to enjoy SKALD in a prose format, make sure to pick up SKALD Vol. I: The One True King of Men on Amazon. And seriously, I can’t stress this enough, please leave a review. Reviews are crucial to getting the book seen by people, without them, it’s practically invisible.

Finally, if you love SKALD as much as I do and you want it to keep going, toss me a couple bucks a month via the SKALD Patreon page. It’s safe, secure and easy – sign up once and it charges you automatically each month. Plus, if you do it, there are even some rad rewards in it for you.

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