Sweet SKALD 016

SKALD 016 marks four months of new chapters of The Only Story That Matters™ every single week. That’s a big deal, so, as a result, this is a big episode, with drastic consequences for the savage brute Maul and the godless monk Xylun. Listen to it on iTunes, StitcherPodomatic or streaming above.

I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done on SKALD, but in such a crowded podcast landscape, it’s exceedingly difficult for new shows to stand out and find their audience. With no advertising or marketing budget, I depend upon YOU to help me get the word out. Thanks for telling people in real life and online, as well as writing all those great iTunes and Stitcher reviews!

Finally, if you’re really enjoying SKALD, please consider pledging $1/month on Patreon to help keep it going. That’s only a quarter per episode.

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