You’re only hurting yourself by not listening to SKALD 010

SKALD 010 is live and available for your aural pleasure! Go listen on iTunesStitcher and Podomatic!

SKALD is The Only Story That Matters™ and that’s because it’s about absolutely everything – even if you don’t realize it right now. This week it becomes about absolutely everythinger as the show sees the introduction of a brand-new character, guaranteed to knock the worn, threadbare, ceremonial robes of your ancient order right off of you.

I love hearing from people who are enjoying SKALD. Why? Because otherwise it feels like one of those staring-into-the-abyss type situations. So, please come find me on Twitter or shoot me an email. And obviously, your good reviews on iTunes and Stitcher are much appreciated.

Finally, if you want SKALD to keep coming out at this breakneck pace…consider contributing some ducats to the show’s Patreon campaign.

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