SKALD 008. It’s The Only Story That Matters™

SKALD 008 is now live! Go listen on iTunesStitcher and Podomatic!

SKALD is The Only Story That Matters™. It’s about everything: Rage, loss, suffering, desire and ambition. Also: savage barbarians, vicious monsters, hateful gods and strange magics. I’m telling you…EVERYTHING. Plus, the stories are written to be heard, not read, and are recorded in one, single, flawless take. Get in there, already.

If you’re digging SKALD, or have questions about it, feel free to hit me on Twitter or shoot me an email! Also – and this is super important – PLEASE leave the show a good review on iTunes and/or Stitcher!

Finally, if you enjoy SKALD being part of your weekly listening schedule, I hope you’re pledge to support the show on Patreon so I can afford to keep it going.


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