The coming…of SKALD 005!

SKALDAY is here again!

Episode five of the only podcast to bring you the spoken word sword & sorcery fantasy madness you crave, SKALD, is now streaming above, available on iTunesStitcher and Podomatic!

This episode is all about dialogue and layering in some backstory – stuff I always knew was the case, but will be new information to folks who haven’t been reading my mind. So, if you haven’t been reading my mind…there’s some awesome stuff waiting for you!

If you dig the episode, please come tell me about it on Twitter or drop me a line if you need more than 140 characters!

And as always…PLEASE hook me up with those good reviews on iTunes & Stitcher! I’m so very proud of how much SKALD is improving each and every week that I want all kinds of people to find out about it. Good reviews will help make that happen!

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