The SF x Joe approach to fights


“To me, what makes these fights interesting is the same thing that makes wrestling interesting, the same thing that makes Dragonball Z fights interesting, the same thing that makes kung-fu movies interesting.”

I recently spoke with Luke Walaszek at Game Informer about our very unique approach to fight-based storytelling in Street Fighter x G.I. Joe, including how I went about determining the winners of each battle, how fortunate we are to have Emilio Laiso on the book and more. Check out the full interview here!

Street Fighter x G.I. Joe #1 hits shelves Wednesday, February 24, 2016. If you’re wondering where to pick one up, check out to find a store near you, or just head to, where you can buy a digital copy.

And if you’re hungry for more information about your new favorite comic book series, check out these links:

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