Selling all sorts of stuff (mostly comics) on eBay!

Comics, etc. for eBayI’ve been involved in the comic book industry in one form or another for about seven years now. During that time, I’ve accumulated a lot – scratch that, a TON of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks. But while the vast majority of them are very, very good, there’s only so much space in my apartment, which is bad news for my collection, but awesome news for anyone who’s a fan of INCREDIBLE DEALS ON EBAY!

Head on over to eBay, where you’ll find dozens of listings for stuff that I have really enjoyed and would love for you to do the same with. Graphic novels, trade paperback collections, entire series of popular comics, manga volumes, hardcover collections of comic strips, TV show DVD boxsets and even a Polaroid camera.

Here’s but a sample of all the good stuff that I’m selling with very low starting prices, and all but one with absolutely no reserve price:

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