Sayonora, Kick-Ass 2!

Today I went into Marvel Comics to send out Kick-Ass 2#7, the final issue of the growing franchise’s second volume. Despite having to be careful about putting it on my resume, and having at least two people tell me “We can’t include that in your bio,” it’s still one of the projects I’m most proud to have edited. Thanks to the 2010 movie, it’s a household name, created and completely owned by the book’s writer and artist, and that’s flat-out awesome.

What made the experience truly great though was who I got to work with: Mark Millar, John Romita Jr., Tom Palmer, Dean White and Chris Eliopolous. These guys are the absolute tops in the comics business and I defy you to find a comic published in the last five – maybe even 10 – years with a better credits page than Kick-Ass 2. But it’s not just the names – all five of these guys, as well as folks who helped us out like Dan Brown, Michael Kelleher and Clayton Cowles, laid it all out on the page to put out the best-looking comic book on the stands, bar none.

If you come here via my wrestling chitchat, I encourage you to check out Kick-Ass – the first volume, backissues of the second volume, waiting until the collected version of the second comes out this year, whatever legal means you can go to in order to get this thing in your hands. It’s got the same sense of exuberant, gleeful, over-the-top, taboo-obliterating, sensational action and violence that the best pro-wrestling also boasts.

Don’t believe me? Then go buy the first issue of vol. 1 for the scandalously low price of $1.99 over at Comixology – you can read in your browser or on pretty much any smartphone or tablet.

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  1. Made my way here via your post on Facebook. I haven’t read volume 2 of KA yet (waiting for the trade), but man did the first volume rule. Even my wife loved it. If volume 2 is anywhere as good, you should definitely feel proud to have been involved. I love the movie too. Best part, aside form Hit Girl, was Nicolas Cage. I am a Cage devotee to begin with, but second only to his role in Drive Angry, Big Daddy was the character Nic was meant to play.

    • Dude! Vol. 2 is buu-rootal. Really great stuff and I think it looks even better than the first one. That flick was rad too. Cage really cracked me up doing his best Adam West Batman voice. Also, I’m a huge Mark Strong fan – that guy’s a killer heel even in movies that stink, like Robin Hood.

  2. Hey I wanted to know a couple of things:

    1. Does this set up for Kick-Ass 3 in the ending?
    2. How much more violent and crazy is this compared to past issues?

    • Hiya! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think you’ll be pretty shocked at where the ending leaves things, and while it’s certainly a big, brutal nasty issue, with some violence you definitely haven’t seen before, if you’ve been reading everything else, I think you’ll be well prepared for it.

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