Redakai interview at Anime Vice

One of the projects I’m really excited about hitting this year is vol. 1 of Redakai. Editor Joel Enos first got in touch with me last year about adapting the hit cartoon show to comics, and brought me on to write for two volumes (so far). I really enjoyed getting a chance to try and explore what makes manga work differently than American comics, and while what we ended up with is still very much the work of a guy whose bigegst influence comes from western work, I like to think some more manga-esque elements might shine through.

So, I was delighted when Tom Pinchuk of Anime Vice asked me to talk about the perceived differences in the genres, and, just as good, the natural relationship and similarities between superhero comics, shonen fight manga and one of my other great loves, professional wrestling. Mr. Pinchuk was kind enough to indulge my rambling about face-turns, One Piece, Junko Mizuno and more, and he even asked follow-up questions, so you should go check out how patient he is now, with this interview over at Anime Vice.

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