Pre-San Diego Comic Con interview-o-rama!

It’s true – I’ve been working as the Community Manager for WWE Games for the past couple months, and my posts here have been…less than regular. BUT! That doesn’t mean that I don’t care – never think that I don’t care – and while I’ve not been doing Raw Recaps or lists of whatever-the-balls, I’ve also been plugging along on comicbook stuff.

“Where’s the proof?” you say, kinda shittily? Why, it’s right here, with two, count ’em TWO separate interviews with your pal, good old Shitterson about doing comics stuff. Check it:

First, I stopped by “Talking Comics with Tim” over at the Robot 6 blog, conveniently housed at Comic Book Resources. Tim O’Shea was kind enough to chat with me about Gear Monkey, moving from full-time to freelance and back to full-time, switching sides of the editorial desk and, of course, because it’s me, WRESTLING.

Elsewhere, Trevor Roth {COO and Head of Development for Roddenberry Entertainment [As in Gene Roddenberry (As in the Star Trek guy)]} and I talked with Rus Burlingame of the appropriately named, announcing a NEW graphic novel called Worth, written by, you guessed it, me.

Stay tuned for more information, especially on Worth, as we’ll be debuting interior pages from my (hopefully) willing collaborator, Chris Moreno, at SDCC this weekend.

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