Pat Buck comes to Straight Shoot!

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We’ve had some awesome guests in the past, but get ready to gird your loins for a STRAIGHT SHOOT first: This Monday, July 14, 2014, immediately after Raw, wrestler, promoter and trainer Pat Buck will appear on the show!

I met Pat a couple years back on the MIA Jeff Katz-produced Wrestling Retribution Project. One of the standout talents there was none other than Mr. Buck, who, with his wealth of experience across independent promotions in the United States, was clearly revered by the locker room as an expert within the squared circle.

These days, Buck is running his own promotion, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, and has even opened up a wrestling school, Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy, with his friend and business partner, Brian Meyers, AKA Curt Hawkins.

I’m really excited to have Pat on the show, especially since he’ll be able to bring a wrestler’s, promoter’s and trainer’s perspective to Raw. RSVP and start submitting those questions now!

How do you watch or listen? I’m so glad you asked!

  • Right here, on this very page, live or after-the-fact, through the embedded YouTube video right up above
  • Over at the official Google Hangout event page, where you can watch live and even ask questions for me and my special guest.
  • On my official YouTube channel, where you can check out the video after the fact and of course SUBSCRIBE.
  • A few hours after the fact, via audio-only podcast versions of the show embedded above or on iTunesStitcher and PodOmatic.

STRAIGHT SHOOT is an independent show and podcast – we aren’t part of any network, organization or evil conglomerate. That means that we need YOUR help to keep the show going strong. Here’s a bunch of ways you can lend us a hand:

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  1. People are always making historical comps for Ambrose – Pillman, Piper, Austin, etc – but what about Rollins and Reigns? Thoughts?

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