On commentary with Damien Sandow

Cory Ledesma, Aubrey Sitterson and WWE Superstar Damien Sandow

I get to do a lot of neat stuff on account of my job with WWE Games at 2K, but this ranks right up there with the neatest. At our annual Superstar Challenge (in which WWE Superstars compete in the year’s latest WWE Game), Creative Director Cory Ledesma and myself were joined by none other than the Intellectual Savior to the Masses, Mr. Damien Sandow.

I thought that Cory and I were doing a decent job with commentary, but when Sandow joined in, it kicked things up to another level and made our jobs way easier – all we really needed to do was try and keep up. Sandow is incredible on the microphone, both inside and outside the ring, and it was a pleasure to get a chance to work with him, even though he had some not so nice things to say about my hair, beard, clothes and overall aesthetic.

Watch it now.

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