I’ve been making the podcast rounds!

royalrumbleSo, STRAIGHT SHOOT isn’t the only place I’ve been talking wrestling lately, as I’ve recently made appearances on not one, but TWO podcasts that coincidentally both dropped TODAY!

The first is my triumphant return to Pat Loika’s appropriately named Loikamania. Former Marvel colleagues of mine, Ben Morse and Jim Viscardi were also on-hand as we talked about Sunday’s Royal Rumble, storylines going into it, etc. Ben and I also argued about something, but I kind of forgot what it was about. Have a listen!

Meanwhile, I ALSO spoke to Kieran Shiach, whose name I’m pretty positive I will NEVER learn how to pronounce correctly. Kieran’s Have a Nice Day podcast has a more general focus, so we talk about how I got into wrestling, what I like about it and Kieran even made a go at convincing me to like Chikara. SPOILER: It didn’t work. Listen here!

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