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Primate steampunk - what's not to love?

In non-wrestling-related news, this May will see the release of Double Feature: Fantasy #3, featuring a story by myself and the awesome Nate Lovett (go commission something weird for him to draw, would you?). The story is called “Trust Me” and is part of a larger project we have starting up called Gear Monkey. The Gear Monkey is the guy in the center, and the dude’s standing on is Horatio, his long-suffering, steam-powered friend.

Prior to the Double Feature issue hitting, we’re planning on soft-launching a website with additional Gear Monkey stories ready to go. It’s not quite ready yet, so in the meantime, enjoy the cover of the first-ever Gear Monkey story, and head over to to peruse their other, non-Gear Monkey related, but still really, really super-awesome stories. Two 8-pagers for under a buck! In a DRM-free PDF or on an iPad app with special features! It’s a stupid-good deal and you should buy all of them.

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