We hit our first Patreon goal!


Through your generous donations, STRAIGHT SHOOT has hit it’s very first goal of $200/month on Patreon!

As a result, once Patreon verifies that the charges on the credit cards go through, there won’t be any midroll ads on any STRAIGHT SHOOT videos moving forward, for as long as we stay above that $200/month goal! It won’t happen immediately, as Patreon only charges patrons at the end of the month, but if all goes as planned, it’ll be just a matter of days!

I’m thrilled to have hit this first goal, but I sincerely hope that your generosity won’t stop there. $200/month is a humongous help in terms of covering the base costs of doing STRAIGHT SHOOT, but as I’ve mentioned before, the time involved, from research, to production, to promotion is enormous.

To help encourage additional Patreon activity, I’ve added some new goals for the STRAIGHT SHOOT community!

  • $500/month: Microphone  and mixer upgrade
  • $1,000/month: Return of the Rumor Mill as it’s own show
  • $2,000/month: A new computer to replace my limping one

And of course, all the reward tiers are still in place:

  • Pledge $5/month: STRAIGHT SHOOT shout-out
  • Pledge $10/month: OVER LIKE ROVER keychain bottle-opener
  • Pledge $25/month: “YOU’RE GETTING WORKED, BRO” t-shirt

Thanks again for your help and support in keeping The World’s Smartest Rasslin Talk Show going strong!

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