WWE Monday Night Raw recap – March 26, 2012

It’s the go-home show to WrestleMania XXVIII, and as you might expect, this week’s Monday Night Raw was entertaining, if a little forgettable. But, the show opened with a good match, finished casting the Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny match (only to raise another question mark later in the show) and the Funkasaurus made an appearance, so who could complain?

This also marks the second week that our Raw recap has lived at its new home of GuySpeed.com. So, change all those old UGO and Lords of Pain links, because if you’re looking for good ol’ Shitterson, GuySpeed is the place to find me. Best of all, no more Good, Bad and Ugly – Spring is upon us and we’re getting more positive with things. Check it out and leave a comment to tell us what you think. And when you’re done, make sure you also get ready for this weekend’s big show with our WrestleMania XXVIII preview.

Raw recap – March 26, 2012

7 responses to “WWE Monday Night Raw recap – March 26, 2012

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  2. Nice job! I actually prefer this format to “the good, the bad & the ugly”. Anyway, I have a quick question for you: do you have any idea what happened to Kevin Nash? I mean, he came in injured Triple H, competed in one match and then disappeared? Did they drop that storyline or did he get the pink slip (which wouldn’t surprise me since I’ve heard Nash is a pain in the @$$). I’ve looked all over the internets and can’t find anything about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Awesome! Glad you’re digging it. Do you like the more positive focus, or just the fact that it’s shorter? Do you miss any of the detail of the previous format?

      About Nash, that’s kind of a fascinating question that is too detailed to get into in the comments section. But since you asked so nicely, I’m going to write a blog about it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  3. Well, I think this format reads quicker and seems more organized. Also, I never really saw the difference between the bad and the ugly. Keep up the good job, and FYI your blog got me back into wrestling. I used to be a fan of both WCW and WWF (it’ll always be WWF to me) until WCW was bought out. I kind of felt like the quality of the storylines went down. When the Attitude Era ended and when Stone Cold turned heel, that was it for me. I discovered UGO and your blog a few months back and started watching RAW again, but it’s not the same. Truly, I only watch for the old timers (HHH, HBK, Y2J and Undertaker), I feel like Cena and CM Punk are too PG for me. Anyway, I look forward to the blog on Nash and if you don’t feel like writing a whole blog on it, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  4. Well. I prefer the new blog simply because it’s easier to read, seems more organized and I never really saw what the difference was between the bad and the ugly. Keep up the good job! FYI, I just want to let you know that your blog actually got be back into wrestling. I used to be a fan until WCW was bought out, after that I felt like with no competition WWF (it will always be WWF to me) kind of dropped the ball and the quality went downhill. They were no longer trying to push the envelope and the whole thing became too PG for me. When they turned Austin heel, that was the last straw for me. It ruined his character and even if he turned face again, it would never be the same. Anyways, I discovered UGO and your blog a few months back, and I figured I’ll give it another shot. I mostly watch it for the old timers (HHH, HBK, Y2J and The Undertaker) since I truly hate Cena (way too positive) and CM Punk (seems like a PG version of Austin). I’ll quit my babbling now and look forward to your blog on Nash.

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